Oz Anglican Future Conference Videos, including Ashley Null on Cranmer

The Australian Anglican Future Conference talks are now available to view on video. Some really edifying material here including Kanishka Raffel’s wonderful studies in 2Peter. But perhaps the best of the bunch was 3 great talks by Ashley Null on Thomas Cranmer. Well worth making a hot drink (or pouring something slightly strong) and watching through. […]

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Good Friday 2012

For our Good Friday vigil at St. Augustine’s I gave 4 briefer meditations on 4 sayings of Jesus during His trial and Crucifixion. from John 18:19-24, John 18:23 “…if I spoke the truth, why did you strike me?” from John 18:28-40, John 18:37 “…you are right in saying that I am a king. In fact, for this […]


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Answering the Atheists

Very very delayed from last year, we’ve dug out the audio of our “Answering the Atheists” session in May of 2010. Some visitors from Sydney Atheists came to last year’s PubChurch and then wrote to me with some detailed attacks upon the historicity of the New Testament. We thought that would be an excellent means of talking to church about the […]

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