Sydney Synod President’s Address – Mission and Lay Ministry

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The Anglican Diocese of Sydney’s synod has just opened with a service at St Andrew’s Cathedral and then moved to it’s main site to hear the President’s address (given by the Archbishop). report

Archbishop Glenn Davies, in his Presidential address opening the 2016 Synod, or Parliament, of the Anglican Church, has spoken of Sydney’s urban sprawl and efforts to establish new churches on the fringe of the city.

“We have a strategy for the ongoing purchase of land, a strategy for the establishment of a building for a church community. We have a strategy for raising up able church planters for these new congregations. The only gaps in funding our growth strategies is in church planting in urban areas and in the redevelopment of existing urban church buildings to accommodate the growing urban population in our Diocese.” Dr Davies said.

The Archbishop spoke of the 5 year mission of the Diocese, Mission 2020, and commended rank and file Anglicans for their work in churches.

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  1. Greg Colby

    Yet our fellowship is not defined by our universal agreement on every matter that comes before this house

    Really? ++Glenn remark here seems at odds with his recent action in taking away the licence of one of your fellow clergy who disagreed with the Sydney company line on SSM.

    1. David Ould

      Hi Greg. I see that you’ve only heard half the story. I refer you to the media release from the diocese, in particular this segment:

      Dr Mascord outlined the ways in which his thinking had moved away from the established doctrines of the Anglican Church, including his written statements that he has now come to believe that the Bible contains “erroneous … theological ideas”.

      Because of his rejection of the authority of the Bible and the doctrine of Christ (as received by the Anglican Church), the Archbishop formed the view that it is not appropriate for Dr Mascord to hold a licence to preach in the Diocese of Sydney.

      However, Dr Mascord was offered a licence to exercise a ministry in his own parish as long as he was willing to conform to his ordination vows to teach only what is in accord with Anglican doctrine.

      We understand Dr Mascord has declined to take up that offer.

      So let’s be really clear. Keith wasn’t denied a license because of his views on marriage, but because he refused to affirm basic Anglican doctrines on the Bible and Jesus (which, of course, every one of us who is ordained promised to uphold). When offered a local license on the same terms as everyone else, he refused.

      1. Greg Col

        I can’t see how I’ve referred at all to only his views on marriage – I still hold that What ++Glenn said, that; “…our fellowship is not defined by our universal agreement on every matter that comes before this house” is t odds with taking a persons licence away for not agreeing with every matter.

        1. David Ould

          Again, you avoid the obvious.

          When he says “not defined by our universal agreement on every matter” he means “not on every matter” and not that have no defined agreement at all. Any organisation, by definition, has shared views on key issues.

          So that then applies in this case.

          At his ordination Mascord (as did I and as will any ordinand) answered the following (my emphasis):

          Will you always faithfully minister the doctrine and sacraments, and the discipline of Christ, as the Lord has commanded, and as this Church has received them, according to the commandments of God? Will you teach the people committed to your charge to keep and observe them diligently?

          I will, by the help of the Lord.

          The church has received the teaching of Christ on marriage in a clear way and it remains our position today. Mascord has declared publicly and to the Archbishop that he is no longer prepared to teach those committed to his charge to keep and observe this key doctrine in accordance the manner that the Church has received it.
          In other words, he has made it known quite clearly that he no longer intends to keep his ordination vows.

          Fair enough. He’s entitled to choose whatever position he wants. He’s not entitled to demand a license. We don’t insist upon agreement on every small thing, but we do on the big stuff. And Mascord promised to.

          And nor should anyone who themselves wants to be ordained but isn’t prepared to unfeignedly keep the vows that he or she makes.

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