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Yesterday was the first day of Synod. has this report:

Rennis_SydneyThe Administrator of the Diocese of Sydney, Bishop Robert Forsyth, has stressed the democratic nature of the election of a new Archbishop, saying the outcome would be ‘God at work’.

The 2013 gathering marks only the tenth time the Sydney synod has elected a diocesan bishop. The first two of the twelve bishops or archbishops of Sydney were appointed by the British government.

Only two candidates have been nominated – the Bishop of North Sydney, Dr Glenn Davies and the rector of Naremburn-Cammeray, Canon Rick Smith.

Bishop Forsyth opened the Synod after a packed service in St Andrew’s Cathedral, where the Bishop of Singapore, the Rt Reverend Rennis Ponniah preached from 2 Timothy 1, a passage, he said, contained guidance for the Synod.

In his Presidential Address to open the first session, the administrator referred to passionate campaigns for both candidates, including social media debates. These, he said, could be a real help to delegates.

“But, as valuable as these activities may be, they must not be a substitute for the Synod itself. Nor should they be used as mechanisms to so commit people as if the decision had already been taken. That decision is yet to be made by us, here, in the room together” Bishop Forsyth said.

The Administrator said that the Archbishop is styled as being ‘by Divine Providence Archbishop of Sydney.’

“It is not simply ‘by the majority of Synod’ Archbishop of Sydney but rather by God at work through weak and ignorant people like us gathered in this room.”

The Synod, which filled the entire Wesley Theatre in Pitt St, then got down to the business of moving names to the first stage of the elimination process, the ‘select list’.

At the end of the night, the first ballot resulted in Bishop Davies gaining a majority in both houses and Canon Smith a majority only in the house of laity.

Both names have now been placed on the ‘select list’.

Debate will resume tomorrow to move a name, or names, to the ‘final list’.

We’re on a social media blackout and that includes blogging so no more from me at this stage apart from saying that it was wonderful to have Bishop Rennis Ponniah of Singapore with us.. Just wanted to keep you updated.

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