Sweet Freedom

Something different happened yesterday. I was sat in a long meeting and tweeted

 Same meeting, two hours later. Butt seized up. Help me.

Which caused a small amount of interest….

Once out of the meeting, I tweeted again

Out! Sweet freedom!

Lo and behold, a few minutes later I got this @reply

@davidould Shine, Sweet Freedom, shine your light on me! You are the magic, you're right where I want to be! #smooth

Smooth indeed. Straight from the account of @Mike___McDonald. Yes, that's right – Michael McDonald.

When you go to the account @Mike___McDonald you find it full of similar @replies. Looks like there's a script running that searches for specific lyrics and then sends the @reply! Can't tell if it actually belongs to Michael but, either way, a cute idea. Acceptable spam.

And, of course, we need to hear the full song…


Liked that? Thought so. How about one more?
Check out the synchronised swaying of bass and sax! Raw mid-80's genius.

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