Staggering, just staggering…

from a pro-choice advocate on the BBC News website:

How many will actually take the time to check up on what becomes of the life of the foetus for which they campaign so bitterly? “.

Think about it for a moment…..

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  1. prester_scott

    How many will actually take the time to check up on what becomes of people who don’t get murdered because the police stopped the murderer before he could do it? Does this change the necessity of having laws against murder in any way? Does it change the culpability of the prospective murderer?

    This is a purposeful confusion of two different issues.

  2. graceshaker

    Many people are so blinded that even when faced with indisputable proof there will be those who cling to their lies, to their “rights”… I hope that these pictures will reach some people’s hearts, that the truth sink deep into their hearts…

  3. Anonymous

    Might be helpful if

    i you let us know who you are
    ii said something remotely related to the topic that i wrote about.

  4. walking_asleep

    wow… can be people be any more dumb–for lack of a better word.

    Prester_Scott said it all . . .

  5. calling_to_deep

    It’s not quite as dumb and argument as you suppose.

    As a community, is it not our job to take care of the poor? If an unwanted child is born to a mother who is unable to properly care for it, shouldn’t the community see to it that that child is fed and clothed and reared properly?

    Christians who are rightly opposed to abortion and who also advocate for better care for orphans/unwanted infants and for better education for young girls on how to avoid situations where they end up with unwanted children earn my applause. Hypocrites who insist that those children’s lives are “sacred” but who then willfully ignore the fact that those children grow up to live lives of suffering and indignity do not.

    1. David Ould

      I do agree. But, honestly, how many of the latter do you know?

      And if adoption were offered for all these “unwanted” children do you think it would be taken up? I doubt it would.

      1. calling_to_deep

        I pass by a Planned Parenthood every weekend walkingfrom my house to the grocery store. Without fail, there is a group of christians picketing outside. I used to stop and talk to them, to ask if they were also doing anything either to care for poor children born out of unwanted pregnancies or to alleviate the rampant social problems that lead to high teenage pregnancy rates. I stopped after one very rude individual to me to “stop shoving your atheism down my throat”

        It’s only one anecdote, and I have no idea how the numbers shake out in a reasonable sample size, but it’s still enough to make me bitter.

        1. David Ould

          I guess that’s a valid complaint. I’m pretty ashamed of that sort of attitude. Can I assure you that there are many others who are adamant that the things that you call for should be done.

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