Somebody is Prepared to Protest the Endorsement of Revisionism in the Scottish Episcopal Church

Hats off to the GadgetVicar, David McCarthy, who is prepared to make a principled and gracious stand

Synod & The Presiding Bishop

At 5pm, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Katharine Jefferts Schori, will be welcomed by the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church. She will address the Synod on 'Mission'. I will be leaving the meeting at that point, as I am concerned about the signal this visit is giving out. The Presiding Bishop clearly wants to create the image that TEC has good relationships with the different Anglican communities in the UK, as she visits Scotland, the USPG conference and Southwark Cathedral this weekend.

I'm not only concerned about TEC's approach to the moratoria – it's also about the ongoing litigation against congregations which try to leave TEC with their church buildings. Some of my friends have faced terrible pain as a result and there seems to be a slash and burn approach which lacks any grace at all. I think the timing of this talk and welcome at our Synod is inappropriate. It would be just as inappropriate to have invited a GAFCON primate, as some of my reappraising colleagues would be upset by that.

I simply don't feel that I can stay and pretend that all is well. I'm too hurt. I'm going to find a quiet place to pray with at least one other who feels the same way.

Instead of dinner at the Sheraton, I'll just have to watch France play Uruguay in the World Cup.

Do pray and record your support for David and his friends.

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