Skimming the surface.

So, I just finished watching an hour of Larry King Live with Tom Cruise. Now Larry asked a lot of things but it got interested when they started to talk about Scientology.

Of course Larry is a master diplomat but he never really pushed Cruise on the two big questions that really needed an answer.

1 How much does it cost (in hard $$$$) to get “cleared” in auditing? .If you’re interested here’s a reasonable assessment of the true cost. Not much for someone like Cruise, perhaps, but a fair wack for those of us not starring in Hollywood movies.

But that’s not all. Here’s an even better question:

2 Is it really true that you believe that we evolved from clams and that our real home is the planet Xenu?

Now those would have been great questions with fantastic answers.

After all, who really wants to hear about Cruise’s love life?

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  1. prester_scott

    Perhaps Larry felt that if he asked real, public questions about Scientology, he’d be in serious financial or even physical danger — which is not an irrational fear.

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