Scripture SRE / Ethics Debate

I'll be doing this tomorrow. Your prayers coveted.


On 25 November 2009, NSW Premier Nathan Rees approved a proposal to conduct a pilot of a secular ethics program. The ten week trial was held in ten NSW Primary schools and was completed in Term 2, 2010.

There's been considerable debate in the media about the need for a secular alternative to SRE (Special Religious Education) and a great deal of interest in it's effectiveness. The City Bible Forum hopes to bring that debate out of the classroom and into the pub!

On October 13 at 1pm, David Ould and Dave Singer will discuss the issues surrounding the ethics trial. This is not the first time David and Dave have had this discussion: David Ould recently invited Dave Singer to speak to his SRE class to talk about why he is a skeptic and atheist, and to answer questions from the class. David is an Anglican minister at St Augustine's Neutral Bay. Dave is well-known in the Sydney skeptics and atheist communities.

David and Dave will explain and discuss their positions on the issues, and there will be an opportunity for questions from the floor. Grab some food, a beverage, and join the discussion.

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  1. David Ould

    Oh, he’s not so bad. Bit lippy, though…

  2. Rob Martin

    Sounds like an interesting discussion. How did it go?

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