Ryan T. Anderson at the Atlantic Conference

Kudos to the Atlantic. In the spirit of genuine liberal thought they invited Ryan T. Anderson (currently, in my opinion, the best exponent and debater we have of marriage issues) to a conference on LGBT issues (“Unfinished Business“). He faced a hostile audience but the host did her level best to have a genuine discussion. Well worth watching in its entirety. Lots of great engagement here.

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  1. Matt Patchon

    Ryan T Anderson is a star. I’ve watched many of his talks and read many of his articles. His ability to present simplistically that which is complex is excellent. He is obviously a man of strong conviction, a practicing Catholic. He doesn’t equivocate; he doesn’t fall into the trap of syllogism, or other fallacies; his arguments are always underpinned with the complementarity of men and women.

    I’ve certainly learned much in the art of debate by watching him. He rarely gets flustered, although Piers Morgan certainly tried as hard as he could.

    And Ryan is young, too. He has a lot going for him. I was disappointed he didn’t speak in more locations around the country when he was here earlier this year.

    Most articles try to label him as an anti-gay marriage campaigner; rather he is a pro-traditional marriage campaigner. He works hard to uphold traditional marriage, not trying to tear down gay marriages.

    If you aren’t familiar with him, get on board.

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