Realised Eschatology at Euro 2012

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Jesus Navas

Great morning! Public holiday here in Australia so I had my first lie-in in almost a month. Then Italy-Spain on setanta-i (well worth the $17 monthly subscription) delayed view.

Here’s the highlights…

Lovely moment in the second half, well at least if you’re a theology geek like me.

Just as the game was coming to the climax, about 65 minutes in, Spain take off a player…

[box style=”quote”][highlight]David[/highlight]Silva[/box]

and then replace him with the superior

[box style=”quote”][highlight]Jesus[/highlight]Navas[/box]

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  1. roger fitz

    I thought, when I saw Silva, that you were going to get a Moises joke going.

  2. David Ould

    nice, fitzy. But a little too obscure for most readers.

    now go and get yourself a gravatar.

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