BREAKING: #Primates2016 Day 4 “Consequences, not Discipline” for TEC

Details are starting to come out about a negotiated way forward for the Communion. In what Arun Arora, the Director of Communications for the Church of England described to me as “consequences, not discipline”, it is proposed that there will be a reduction in TEC’s involvement in the Communion (but no apparent consequences for the Anglican Church of Canada.

Details are still sketchy but it’s hard to see that what is being put forward in any way meets the clear calls of GAFCON Primates to have discipline and Biblical order restored in the Communion. Nor is there any apparent agreement on the status of ACNA and Archbishop Foley Beach.

It will be hard to see this sort of agreement as something that many conservatives will be happy with. To their mind what TEC did was either wrong or it wasn’t, it was either a grievous sin against the unity of the Communion or it wasn’t. If it was, why will it not be dealt with? If not, why the split in the first place?  Having said that, we don’t have all the details yet and we’ll work to get more. It’s late in the night here in Sydney but still early afternoon in Canterbury where Anglican Ink are reporting.

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