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Not seen it yet. Only seen this:

Honestly, given our child-inhibited rate of movie-going I doubt I’ll see it before it comes out on DVD.

However, I feel already able to make one observation.

Amongst Christians who have viewed the film the appear to be 2 broad categories of response. The first is mostly negative. These appear to be people who expected a faithful rendition of the Biblical narrative. To expect such was, I suggest, somewhat naïve. By setting such a high bar to jump over they have, I fear, not allowed themselves to see the potential opportunities from the film.

The second category are those Christians who understood that there was never going to be a totally faithful rendition and yet are encouraged by the film’s exploration of enormous themes such as our depravity, God’s power and awesome judgement in the face of sin, mercy, new life etc. There’s plenty in this film to discuss with non-Christians and even though I’ve not seen it yet there will be many who will have and surely we’re able to say “do you know what the Biblical story is? Which themes from there were replicated in the film? What did you think about the issues of sin/judgment/mercy etc?”

Also, my sermon on the Flood from a while ago

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  1. Leigh Windsor

    I've seen it and I agree that some of the themes it contains might give rise to opportunities . . . if only it were a better movie.

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