Much to say….

Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time.

I got up at a stupid hour, 4:20am, to go and watch England beat Croatia 4-2 in the European Championships.

Then off to the fast-food chain who I may not name for breakfast. We did not supersize.

Much of the day was taken up researching my essay – Atonement in Leviticus with particular reference to Yom Kippur. If any of you have any thoughts on the subject then all submissions are welcome, just make sure they’re double spaced and approx. 2000 words.

In the afternoon we took Charis to have her handprints painted onto some stuff. It all looked a bit like this:

The final result to be displayed next week.

Finally, in the evening, I went to our church‘s annual dinner. Much jollity and a smashing little talk by Kim Hawtrey, former chief economist at Colonial State Bank.

Oh, and to top it off we are now convinced that this child, possibly the cutest ever to live, is also the best behaved. She sleeps through the night. When I say “through”, I mean through. 8pm till 7am. I kid you not.

Thank you God, sincerely. You have made this man about as happy as he could be.

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  1. priatel

    Funny looking footprints…


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