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List 3 things that bug you – things that others may find trivial. Then tag 6 of your friends. Only list 3 things because you may/can be tagged again.

1. Lack of punctuality

2. Fundamentalist atheism

3. Any suggestion that works are required to be saved.

Ok…you’re tagged!


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  1. h1s_songb1rd

    All of those things bug me, too. This is one meme I could play a few times. haha…not very Christian of me, I know. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hey…maybe you missed it…I had a post to Bible Buffs… I think you qualify and I’d like you involved if at all possible. I’m too tired to explain it, now, but tomorrow I’ll probably make a post that’s filtered to those that sign up. There’s already a big turn-out, but I had you specifically in mind when I started it.

      1. h1s_songb1rd

        Nope. It’s just going to be a filter that will bring us all a little closer to knowing God a little better and hopefully be a good witness and thinking tool for those who signed up who don’t know Him at all. It will eventually spill over into q_lds once we’ve tried it on my journal, I hope.

  2. kjs

    I’ll get back to you on this . . .

  3. curly

    i thought of another one. this one bugs me so much, i can’t believe that i forgot it the first time around:

    RELATIVISM. of any kind. grrr. the worst part is that the folks that subscribe to this have already abandoned logic, so trying to have a conversation with them is like banging your head into a brick wall.

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