Letter in today’s smh

I got a letter published in today's Herald. Yesterday, one correspondent wrote this,


Paul Collins says the Pope is using the principle of avoiding the greater of two evils to justify condom use by male prostitutes (“Australia welcomes papal shift on safe sex“, November 22).

But isn't the birth of unwanted children a greater evil than putting on a condom? The Pope is on the slippery slope of approving all forms of artificial contraception.

John Challis Elizabeth Bay

My response, here, was,


What a tragic moment when the birth of children is described as a great evil (Letters, November 24). John Challis betrays the real problem with such debates about contraception and abortion – children are so often viewed as a complication or inconvenience to our increasingly self-centred lives. They are in reality a great source of joy, a challenge to us to think more deeply of others and (most of all) a wonderful gift from God.

Reverend David Ould Neutral Bay

They published the whole thing without editing. Keep writing friends, keep your letters short and to the point. Let's continue to hold out a better way to think about these issues, and particularly let's defend the most marginalised in our society.

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  1. Joshua Bovis

    Nice work Ould man! I have not written to the SMH for ages. Feels to me that the quality of the SMH has really taken a nose-dive.

    Will start writing again.

  2. Kathy

    just saw your letter in the herald, its completly awesome. I love it when truth is heralded to the nation in such a public way. It seems to happen so rarely. Keep following after Jesus.

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