it’s not just the North American revisionists who are clamping down..

It is reported by a member of the Australian Diocese of Perth’s synod that the following motion is proposed for their Synod, meeting 6-8 October.

Agenda Item 11.6
Without the written approval of the Diocesan Council, no
(a) enrolled member of this Church in the Diocese of Perth;
(b) clergy; or
(c) organisation, entity or any other body in the Diocese
shall engage in any form of affiliation or association whatsoever with any:
(i) other diocese of this Church; or
(ii) organisation of any other diocese of this Church; or
(iii) other parish of any other diocese of this Church.
The Diocesan Council may refuse any such application for approval or grant approval on such terms and conditions as the Diocesan Council may in its absolute discretion determine.”

Merry discussion ensues at the Sydney Anglicans board.

As one poster there puts it,

It looks astonishingly unwise – a thoroughly abusable piece of legislation. Any supporters must either be hoping to gain immediate and undisclosed power from it, or be foolishly short-sighted – or both.

Thoroughly abusable pieces of legislation pushed through by revisionists? Well I never.

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  1. jeltzz

    Less with the ecclesial politics, more with the essay.
    *cracks the whip*

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