It’s amazing what some people get upset about…

Well, I wouldn’t have believed it but someone has actually taken offence and started trolling on my additional journal, ouldjr!!! I thought it would be enlightening to point you towards it. So check it out here.

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  1. theatrediva

    i commented on your other journal regarding the (rather amusing) controversy that seems to have sprung up…

    i just wanted to say congratulations on the baby and i hope everything goes well as he/she comes to term. i think the idea of creating another journal for the baby is an adorable idea, by the way.

    anyhow, i know you dont know me at all, but i wanted to say hello and congratulations. i might friend you if you dont mind.

    God bless and merry christmas!!

    1. David Ould

      no problem!! thank you very much. It’s the most amazingly excited thing and, without wanting to sound patronising, I don’t you quite understand it until you’re there yourself- at least I didn’t.

  2. detroitfather

    I also read the mini-thread started by in ‘s, journal.

    I guess it is really about selfishness at the core. People seem to want freedom to copulate any time/place, without facing the consequences.

    When she asked “Will you feed & clothe my child”, I was tempted to respond with this paragraph:

    Yes, we will, and we (Christians) have been doing it for centuries, ever since rescuing victims of attempted infanticide during the first few Centuries A.D. I and my wife have been clothing and feeding two such babies ever since their infancies … namely, my adopted son and daughter. My son is the result of rape. I’m glad that his birth-mother did not choose to kill him in the womb.

    But, then, I read her complaint more closely — what she really seemed to want was free food for the kid, free all-day day care, and free clothing (all whilst she retains motherhood of the child). To me, that shows that some who don’t believe in the full personhood of of a “fetus” also don’t really believe in any sort of full personhood for older children, either. Every child deserves a real, full-time parent (and preferably, two), whether adopted or biological.

    Sorry for the rant. This is close to my heart, especially with December 28 (Holy Innocents) creeping closer!

    1. David Ould

      thanks mate, much appreciated.

  3. prester_scott


    That person clearly has A Problem.

    1. David Ould

      well, I wondered if it were uncharitable of me to bring it to your (pl) attention. But I think it demonstrates both the lack of argument and the plain arrogance and insulting behaviour of the pro-choice lobby.

      ps my kid is still choosing to live, at least that’s what I think his continuous kicking means….

      1. prester_scott

        ps my kid is still choosing to live, at least that’s what I think his continuous kicking means….

        All those babies who choose not to live and would rather have been aborted, will just have to wait until their umbilical cords are cut, whereupon they can deliberately starve themselves.

  4. firebreather

    Hey…wanted to say congrats on the baby…

    As for that person who took offense…well…
    There’s no hope for those who are stubborn enough not to
    want help.

    She’s a troll, plain and simple.

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