it just gets worse

Today’s rubbish attempt by a pagan to explain away the Bible:

Paul’s Damascus Road experience was an epileptic fit.

I kid you not, that’s their answer.

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  1. prester_scott

    just curious

    When you say “pagan” do you mean a true, admitted non-Christian, or a heretic in sheep’s clothing?

    1. David Ould

      Re: just curious

      admitted non-X

      1. prester_scott

        Re: just curious

        At least they’re being consistent.

  2. timv

    Yeah, when my cousin has epileptic seizures, she gets scales on her eyes, too…just like Paul! Oh, and she hears voices, too.

    1. prester_scott

      And then she spends the rest of her life as a missionary preacher, right?

      1. timv

        Well, her life isn’t technically over yet… so even if she was presently doing that, it would not count.

  3. astralweeks

    The excuses seem to get more radical by the year…

  4. wrytrz_instnkz

    oh yes, that makes sense
    because whenever a person experiences a fit of epilepsy, they change their mind…nix that, their whole mindset, lifestyle.

    gee whiz.

    unless God intervenes…

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