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One intriguing aspect of the current Gaza crisis is the way that the Israel Defense Forces are using social media to communicate on twitter, facebook, a blog and, not least, youtube. Whatever you think of what they’re doing (which is, perhaps, another post) they certainly know how to get their argument across in an engaging and accessible way.

Consider these:

Again, I’m not asking you to agree with them. But that is impressive use of social media. Their twitter stream is very well thought-through too.

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  1. Warren

    It’s impressive if it is achieving the intended result. Do you think it is?

    1. David Ould

      hi Warren,

      Depends what you think it’s trying to achieve! In terms of making their case that Israel is justified in responding as it has done I think it works.

      In terms of persuading others, perhaps a different answer…

      1. Warren

        It doesn’t matter what I think it’s trying to achieve. What are the creator’s trying to achieve? As a Canadian, I doubt it is having any impact in my country.

        1. David Ould

          well, this is their youtube biopic:

          The mission of the IDF is to defend of the state of Israel, its borders and its residents.

          This page will feature operational footage as well as videos that showcase IDF soldiers and missions.

          So the actual aim is not stated but I suspect they’re trying to validate their activity and to argue that their response is justified (in respect to the continued missiles fired from Gaza) and proportionate (in respect to them seeking to target only the missiles and the command and control systems).

          If that’s the aim then I’d say their videos do a good job. They’re mostly short, well made and communicate their message well. Whether, of course, people are persuaded by that is a different matter.

          1. Warren

            So the actual aim is not stated but I suspect they’re trying to validate their activity and to argue that their response is justified

            I was tempted to say “duh”, but you seem like much too nice a fellow for me to be so sarcastic. πŸ˜‰

            As someone who is in their 36th year of service in the military, I must say I’m impressed with the IDF’s public affairs branch.

  2. David Ould

    well, you did ask a slightly obvious question, Warren πŸ˜‰

    1. Warren

      I could (and should) have been more forthright in my first comment. Yes, impressive in their simple yet elegant execution from a technical perspective. Not impressive in their effect. I would be greatly surprised if they changed any minds, In my experience, military public affairs campaigns have an amazing ability to achieve the opposite of the desired effect. At least in Canada.

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