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While attending the annual CMS NSW&ACT Summer School I had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with the morning Bible study teacher, Gary Millar.

Gary is principal of Queensland Theological College and chair of the Gospel Coalition, Australia.

Over a great 30 minute conversation we talked about his journey to Queensland, preaching Jeremiah, how to go looking for Jesus in the Old Testament and a whole heap more. Make yourself a drink, sit back, and enjoy!

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  1. Frederic

    I am seeing an error message when I try to download this.

    1. Mark

      This doesn’t work for me either. Can you please investigate, Reverend Ould? I really want to hear this!

      1. David Ould

        not sure what the issue is. Clicking on the play button should work. I’ve just tested it a moment ago. Let me know if you still have difficulties.
        And “David” works just fine ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Mark

    Thanks, David It looks like “Play in a new window” works but “Download” is broken. Cheers.

    1. Mark

      I listened to it successfully last night. It was a great interview, thanks, particularly with regard to understanding the Old Testament.

      Thank you also for your website, David. I am in the Diocese of Brisbane so it is great you report on all the crazy things happening here – liberality with regard to homosexuality, rejection of the creeds by Bishop, bullying and misconduct of parishioners by priests, etc. I was a bit naive about the Anglican Church before moving up here and now I have seen it all. Your website keeps me sane in this sordid, corrupt Diocese and reminds me I am far from alone in being disturbed about what is happening here. God bless.

      1. Mark

        Sorry, I had to vent a bit with my last message to get off my chest all of the wickedness I have seen in the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane over the last several years. Everything other commenters have said about this place is true. I pray things somehow improve but a lot of heads would need to roll and there would need to be a huge culture change. Otherwise it would be better to have no Anglican Diocese here at all than a blatantly corrupt one.

        Take care.

  3. Guy

    I understand how you feel, Mark. I live overseas now but I am from the Sunshine Coast and my family is still there. Things were really bad:

    Local pastor was an ultra-liberal
    Dean of Sunshine Coast, Reverend Jeanette Jamieson is well known to be pushing the liberal, pro-gay agenda (as discussed elsewhere on this site).
    The Bishop, Jeremy Greaves, is an apostate, (also well-documented on this site).
    Archbishop Aspinall is also a liberal and lets events in the Oratory of the Good Shepherd continue. Transgender eccentrics like Jo Inkpin has his full support and that of Bishop Jonathon Holland.
    Then there is A Progressive Christian Voice with Peter Catt and the completely daffy fringe thinker Tiffany Sparkes.

    So there is layer upon layer of corruption and misconduct all the way to the top. There is nothing that can be done about it unless there is a purge and complete culture change or if Gafcon is prepared to seed other churches here. The way numbers are plummeting, Anglican Church Southern Queensland will be tiny in ten years anyway – just the cathedral and a few broad regions parishes will be left.

    The people I named are all beholden to the thought of Marcus Borg. These liberal Anglo-Catholics pretend to be kind and tolerant -and they are – if you are gay. Other people have been bullied, met with legal threats by their army of lawyers, etc – and these are their own parishioners and former parishioners they threaten. Anyway, people see through the corruption and bullying so they are leaving in droves. That is why younger people don’t attend but go to other churches like Pentecostal denominations instead, despite liberals trying to be trendy with gay rights. Young people seek integrity and they ate alert to religious hypocrites.

  4. Mark

    Thanks for your support, Guy. Yes, those are some of the usual culprits. Rev Jeanette Jamieson certainly has a “reputation”. From what I gather she talks a lot about love and tolerance but doesn’t live it in the slightest and there have been some allegations of ethics failings made against her.

    The Oratory of the Good Shepherd us notorious, I know.

    Aspinall and Holland are slick political operators. I haven’t met Tiffany Sparks but her views in the media and around the web are… unorthodox. People like her and Greaves seem to want to recreate Christianity in their own image.

    The thing is that all if these liberals like Jeanette Jamieson, Sparks and Greaves, will fall. They will be crushed by the word of God’s truth. God’s word endures forever and will not be twisted or silenced I the long term. Rather we should feel sorry for these apostates for we know what is coming to them. We know the Bible has particularly harsh word of warning for false shepherds. I just hope and pray they do not lead their flock astray. The church is shrinking numerically all the time and as you say God has blessed young people with the discernment to recognise the insincerity and lack of Biblical fidelity of the Liberal Catholic crowd.

    Keep faith, Guy, stay true to God’s word and let Him do the work to reform Brisbane. He knows what is going on here and He sees into the hearts of all His flock, leaders included, so He will sort this mess out at the time of His choosing. Sparks, Jamieson and the bishops stand no chance at all against His Word. Luther once wrote that He preached and wrote a little but it was God who did all the real work while he was sleeping or drinking beer with his mates down at the tavern. I have faith the same will happen in Brisbane. It may even be the Anglican Church has to die here to let the Bible churches – Lutheran, Presbyterian and Pentecostal – emerge from the shadows where they have been slowly gathering strength – to take centre stage and lead Brisbane back to God’s word.

    Whatever happens will do so according to God’s plan and it is His word that will ultimately prevail – we have His promise of that, long after the twisted Gospel of the Borg and his progressive and liberal Catholic cult followers are long forgotten.

  5. Oliver

    Thank you both for being brave enough to speak out about the depravity of the Oratory of the Good Shepherd.That takes courage in the current political environment and Diocesean culture.

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