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Thanks to Gontroppo for this one.

I hear regular criticism, most of all from the pop-atheists, as to how ignorant it is for Christians to argue for the existence of God. No seriously intelligent person would do such a thing! So what then do we make of this:

The Nobel Prize is an annual, international prize first awarded in 1901 for achievements in PhysicsChemistryPhysiology or MedicineLiterature, and Peace. An associated prize in Economics has been awarded since 1969. Nobel Prizes have been awarded to over 850 individuals.

According to 100 Years of Nobel Prize (2005) a review of Nobel prizes award between 1901 and 2000 reveals that (65.4%) of Nobel Prizes Laureates, have identified Christianity in its various forms as their religious preference (423 prize). Overall, Christians have won a total of 78.3% of all the Nobel Prizes in Peace, 72.5% in Chemistry, 65.3% in Physics, 62% in Medicine, 54% in Economics and 49.5% of all Literature awards.

Some fascinating stuff there.

  1. Perhaps not a surprise that the Peace prize comes top. Blessed are the Peacemakers and all that (Matt. 5:9).
  2. How interesting that it’s then the scientific fields that are listed next with the pure sciences ranking above the applied sciences.
  3. Did you spot that (setting aside the Peace Prize) it’s only the “arts” award (ie non-scientific) for Literature that has a minority who identify Christianity as their religious preference.

And all of this more than 200 years after the Enlightenment was meant to purge all this religious nonsense from true scientific knowledge. It actually turns the argument on it’s head, doesn’t it? It’s shockingly arrogant to claim that religious belief is related to being less clever.

I think it would do no harm for us to memorise those numbers and have them ready.

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  1. Brian Kelly

    The Nobel Prize for Peace can be a rather dubious token. See how Obama got the prize for not being George Bush. I don't think a peaceful world will be his legacy. The Nobel prize for Literature can be an odd one as well: a preference for communist poets and Icelandic sagas, IIRC, while some of the great writers in English have been ignored. de gustibus non disputandum est, I suppose.

  2. Cameron Griffiths

    A great stat to have ready to quote to defend ourselves. And yet it is important we don't go on the offensive suggesting that we Christians are more intelligent than others because we 'figured out' God. 1 Corinthians 1:26-27 is a sober reminder: "Brothers, think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth…"

  3. Steve Wakeford

    that's really interesting. thanks David

  4. Steve Wakeford

    Steve Russo – have a read mate. Quite an interesting short few paragraphs.

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