great advertising…

our home church, St. Augustineâ™s Neutral Bay, is gearing up for a new venture this July. Hereâ™s the preliminary advertising…

Have any of you tried this sort of venture? Iâ™d love to hear your war stories.

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  1. guided_by_grace

    Is this “pub” as in “bar”… meaning that they have church in a bar type environment with drinks served and such?

    1. David Ould

      yup, exactly right. I suspect that that wouldn’t work for a number of Southern Baptists…. 😀

  2. anitra

    I agree with . I have no problem sitting down to discuss theology over a pint, but I don’t think it should be sponsored by the church. Because soon enough, it begins to replace true worship.

    (As a pseudo-Southern Baptist, I know plenty of people who’d have a conniption fit over the church saying drinking is OK… but I’ve had some great evangelism opportunities with a drink in my hand.)

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