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Ok, time for my monthly (!) diary.
Work is excellent. We have completed our basic discipleship course and I’m excited by what’s come out of it. In particular I’m excited that people are understanding grace more clearly. I look forward to doing more work on it.

My next big project is our leaders’ course. That goes ahead in March and April and there’s lots to do for that.

Last week Rico Tice from our previous church, All Souls, Langham Place in London was here to do some work on the Christianity Explored course that he’s written. I delivered some papers with him and we had good feedback. 120 church leaders from Singapore were there and I was encouraged.

Running up to Easter I will also be preparing some talks to give at Singapore’s International Christian School. They’re having an awareness week and I’ll be speaking to the upper school. It’ll be Holy Week and so I’m going to take the narratives from the gospels of that time and present the gospel.

And, inbetween all that I might finally get round to making my own website.

You never know, it might be done by Christmas

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  1. pould

    You – Website??? That’ll be the day…

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