Gay Marriage – “enforced cheery smiles”?

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There’s great truth in this brief segment of an interesting post,

…the majesty of the law can grant access to public benefits; it cannot guarantee that your neighbour will shake your hand and invite you to a barbeque. If gays and lesbians still feel socially marginalised after legalisation, what then? Will there be laws to enforce cheery smiles?

It might sound far-fetched but it’s worth a little more consideration. The current push is not about “equality” (since there is no single legal right that is not currently available under civil partnerships – and if you think that’s wrong then do let us know what additional legal right would be provided) but, rather, it’s state-enforced moral equivalence. The push is on to make people accept a certain view of morality.

Now that’s not necessarily wrong, of course. We take that view on murder etc but we do think it’s ok in a free society for someone (within certain bounds) to say “I think murder is not necessarily morally wrong”. Nevertheless there are good cogent logical reasons for having the murder law the way it is.

For “gay marriage”, however, new legislation means redefinition in the form of reducing marriage all the way down to a lowest common denominator of “love” and then nevertheless placing unsupportable and inconsistent restrictions on others being part of the same contract. It represents the culmination of a massive shift in our expressed societal understanding, even if many of our society don’t actually understand what’s being expressed.

I genuinely think you could open a book on how long it will take before someone is incarcerated for refusing to affirm a “gay marriage” since, in good conscience, they think it’s just a logical contradiction in terms (as it is). We already have moral approbation in sections, led by our Prime Minister, how long till it’s judicial as well?

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  1. David Ould

    and never forget it all comes served with an ironic helping of “don’t force your views on me”

  2. Melissa

    It will be interesting to see what goes in the UK they have passed the recent Same Sex marriage act.

    The article states only the Anglican Church will not be participating but I guess in time that will be overturned.

    “The new law bans the established Churches of England and Wales – which are opposed to gay marriage – from conducting ceremonies.

    Other religious institutions will be able to “opt in” if they wish.

    The Catholic Church in England and Wales said it opposed the new law.”

    I wonder if there will be any ministers/priests or pastors sent to jail for refusing to marry a Gay couple?

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