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just so we’re clear now, Jacqui’s birthday is tomorrow, Charis’s the day after and Ethan’s the day after that.
Christmas is next week.

Gifts are readily accepted for all these events, cash is more than adequate ๐Ÿ™‚

everyone else, don’t worry about it making sense….

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  1. guided_by_grace

    Jacqui… check
    Charis… check
    Ethan… hmm that was quick… check
    Christmas… HEY wait a minute!!!


    1. David Ould

      Ethan… hmm that was quick…

      Yeah, it’s that International Date Line. Don’t worry about it. Just send the gift in a westward direction and it’ll be fine.

      1. guided_by_grace

        I think I’ll just go the cash route. What’s your bank account information again?

        1. David Ould


          I’ll let you have it when I get it back from some Nigerian government minister. For some reason he’s stopped answering my emails.

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