excellent personality test

so, this is from Perex and is, I think, suprisingly accurate.

You are realistic, outspoken, direct, objective, practical, optimistic, adaptable. You are a fun person to know. You don’t mince words. People always know exactly where you stand and the way you present what you think often makes people laugh. You state the direct facts so objectively that even the most sensitive types usually aren’t offended when your statement reflects negatively on them.

You like your work to be exciting and new and open to your creative touch. More than other types you get bored quickly when dealing with the mundane and routine and are first to notice an opportunity for stimulation. As a child you were excited, high energy and curious and possibly mistakenly mislabeled as “hyperactive” or “unfocused.”

You get impatient when subjected to long theoretical explanations and prefer that people stick to the facts and get directly to the point.

Your are skilled with equipment, and excel at making events sound interesting or points seem obvious.

Of all types, you are the most likely to know where the action is. You are smooth and sophisticated, knowing what to say to who to get what you want.

You rely on yourself and trust common sense to get things done in nearly all circumstances. You are concerned with what works rather than what meets social norms, although you know how to use social norms to your advantage when that’s what works.

You don’t get sentimentally attached to items or procedures the way other people do. This makes you particularly inventive because everything is negotiable on every new project.

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