exams – 3 down, 3 to go.

This morning was ethics. A few surprises but nothing too horrendous. I answered the following:

  1. ‘Old Testament ethics are deonotological, whereas New Testament Ethics are teleological’. Comment on the validity of this claim.
  2. ‘All religious morality is basically the same’. Discuss the distinctiveness of Christian ethics.
  3. ‘Marriage is an intimate relationship where two people choose the same bed, asserting and defending their rights and interests in a process of ongoing negotiation’. Mount a Christian moral argument against this view.
  4. ‘Unplanned motherhood represents a threat so great to modern women that it is perceived as an equivalent to a “death of self” ‘. In a society where abortion is legal, what can Christians do to undermine its ‘attraction’?
  5. A cohabiting couple, who are not yet Christians, come to you in some distress. The woman is not yet pregnant but yearns to have their child. The man professes to love the woman, but insists that he will leave her if she falls pregnant. They agree to several meetings with you. What Christian moral arguments about this situation will you seek to outline and persuade the couple of, and what suggestions, advice and/or instructions about what to do will you offer?

OK, New Testament theology on Monday, exegesis on Tuesday.

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