Recently the Diocese of Sydney announced its intention to pursue a merger of it’s two large public service organisations, Anglicare and Anglican Retirement Villages (ARV). The merger is being proposed as the best way forward to deal with a number of issues facing both organisations; the financial viability and longevity of Anglicare in an increasingly difficult and competitive market, as well as the economies of scale required to sustain and protect ARV’s business (Anglicare also operates a number of retirement facilities). It is also argued that ARV’s historical surplus might be applied more effectively to social welfare thus using the funds in a better way and protecting it’s tax status.

The merger proposal document for consideration by Synod has now been released on the diocesan website (reproduced below) and is well worth a look-through for those interested. It sets out the background and rationale to the merger on which synod will vote in April. I have a number of questions already, including some more technical accounting-type queries about detail and I imagine the process will involve a number of responses to similar enquiries from members of synod before the matter is debated at a Special Synod on April 27.

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