David on Channel 10’s “The Project” Next Wednesday

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I’m pretty excited (and not a little bit terrified) to announce that I will be appearing as a panel member on Channel 10’s “The Project” next Wednesday evening.

Last week I entered the “Your Chair” competition run in conjunction with the Jonesy and Amanda breakfast show on WSFM101.7 here in Sydney and was stunned to get a phone call on Tuesday telling me I’d been shortlisted followed up with a call on Wednesday inviting me to take part in the show next week.


The prize is a place on the panel for the whole show alongside their regular team. I’ll get to have a little say on whatever the topics of the day might be.

The full list of winners is a wonderfully diverse group of people as the media release shows:

I feel incredibly privileged and not a little over-awed to be included amongst them and to find myself here. As part of the application process I told them I think Christians often didn’t get a fair go on TV. I suspect they were also really interested in our work at Break the Cycle, Glenquarie. Whatever it was that got me the place, my week has suddenly become much more full with phone calls from producers and publicists and emails with call sheets and flights and hotel stays. I’m already struck by just how nice everyone involved is as they help me get ready.

Over the next few days I have a live TV slot on the show’s “Whip Around” this Friday evening (with Jonesy and Amanda!), some stuff going on in the smh, a breakfast radio slot next week and then the show itself on Wednesday 6:30pm.

They’re all obviously (brief) opportunities to have a little fun and hopefully to present a credible Christian voice and so I covet your prayers.

my ugly mug next to these beautiful people
my ugly mug next to these beautiful people

Col. 4:5-6

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  1. Glen

    Praying. What a cool opportunity!

  2. Lucy

    Sounds great David, well done, look forward to seeing it.

  3. Geoff Robson

    Fantastic brother, I’m confident God has prepared for this chance and that he’ll enable you to make the most of it. Praying.

  4. Anthony Gerber

    You’ll be great on the show.

    And don’t worry about your “ugly mug”. Next to Dave Huges you’ll have what our politicians refer to as “sex appeal” 😉

  5. Melissa


    No need to say you will not be given an easy time. The world loves it’s own and you aren’t part of their club.

    Praying that Jesus will shine through you next week on the program. Also praying for the Lord to prepare your heart and your mind and the Holy Spirit will give you the right words to speak for the Lord, Amen

    The show will have a set agenda so I’m not expecting you to give the gospel in a nutshell. However I do hope you will have the ability to be a good witness for Jesus.

    All the best
    Melissa (will keep it in prayer and tune in next week)

  6. Will

    This sounds like a wonderful opportunity and I pray the Lord will bless you in this. Do you know if there will be a video posted for those of us outside Australia to see it?

    1. Will

      Never mind…I think I answered my own question. There should be a link to YOUR episode on the site! Wow.

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