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12 comments on “Charis

  1. congrats!

    hey u! run out of the pros chat room before I could say hi to you. Congrats! Glad to know your family is fine! Charis, nice name. 🙂 Where’s the pict??


  2. Congratulations! What a beautiful baby! You must be so happy!

    As one of my only two Christian internet acquaintances I wanted to let you know that two weeks ago I made the startling discovery that Jesus is Lord and is working in my life. It was not a decision I made so much as it was an overpowering guiding hand that led me from Atheism through gnosticism finally to Christianity. There have been some really wierd coincidences in my life in the past six months, maybe my acquaintance with you is part of that. Worth exploring!

    • Dude!!

      I have to say that hearing your news is actually almost as exciting as hearing about the other new birth this week!!

      I am genuinely thankful to God for such a wonderful event!! Do mail me on davidould@hotmail.com

      I promise to get back to you when life gets a litte less busy!!

      your BROTHER !!!!!


  3. Congratulations

    I didn’t get the picture, bummers!

    Hope all goes well and sleep is to be found soon. Looking forward to updates.

  4. Looks like Mom to me


    Beautiful baby – she takes after mother obviously.

    Tip for Mum & Dad – We charged family and friends a package of diapers per visit to see the baby. You could call it the Brat Tax (in honor of the VAT?). Our diaper budget was still underfunded but it went a long way to helping out.


  5. How Wonderful

    Hi Jackie and David


    It’s breathtaking just looking at the photos. CONGRATULATIONS

    I will be getting married to Kweku Wilson-Tagoe soon I’m at the point where all your free time is spent either planning the next thing to do, thinking about the last thing you did or racking your mind for a better way to do something. The wedding will be during Easter 10 April (my birthday next day 11th).

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Jackie kaindi


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