Channel 7 News on the “Controversial” and “Different” Glenn Davies

You are currently viewing Channel 7 News on the “Controversial” and “Different” Glenn Davies

Here’s a fascinating news segment from Channel 7 here in Sydney.

Bizarre reporting.

The anchor states Davies is “following closely in the footsteps of his predecessor” but suggest Davies says he’s “different to Peter Jensen”. Well let’s see…

Journalist Talitha Cummins‘ tape of Davies has him saying

I can’t imagine there will be a lot of difference; we have the same theological framework, the same passion

and the tape goes on to present him taking the same line on sexual ethics, too.

Controversial? Only if you have no understanding of classic Christian theology.

And to the final question “are you as outspoken as he is?” we get Glenn’s clearly cheeky answer

we shall see… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Controversial? Only if you’re trying to stir the pot yourself.

Different? Nothing in the piece suggests it!

The real story here, which would never get an airing, is “No Change: Sydney’s new Archbishop just as committed to telling the city about Jesus as his predecessor was”.


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  1. Edmo

    Firstly – “The Chosen One”. Nice going Channel 7. Secondly – he looks young, doesn’t he?

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