Atheism and Ridicule

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Steve Kryger has written a great little article that’s been published in The Punch, “God I’m sick of comedians laughing at religion”

My question for atheists today is this: do you think the incessant mockery and smug ridicule benefits your cause?

I’ve been to more than my fair share of Christian conferences. I’ve never attended a single conference where those of other beliefs (atheists or otherwise) were the subject of ridicule. I’m not suggesting this never happens, but on the whole, Christians are respectful of those with opposing beliefs.

Christians follow Jesus. His instruction to “love your neighbour as yourself” is one we take seriously. As imperfectly as we pursue this command, we genuinely desire the good of other people. We believe that while love is complicated and difficult, love is never expressed through ridicule. Christians believe that all people are created in the image of God and deserving of the greatest of respect, regardless of what they believe.

Is this what atheists believe? The behaviour of many public atheists would suggest otherwise.

There is then a delicious irony about the first comment…

It is because god botherers are so easy to mock. You believe in a sky fairy and some how think that we are the crazy ones who think its all a crock. not to mention most wars on the planets were caused because my sky fairy is better than your sky fairy type beginnings.

image: The Punch

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