Anglican Unscripted 531 – Wangaratta Update

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    Well done David & good to see you on YouTube, cos y’know, if you are not on YouTube, then who are you? [sigh.] Thanks so much, for this very informative entry. It all has the vibe of the Viking siege of Paris. Here is hoping the bishop of Wang. shall be able to stand against the evident considerable pressure. [Lizzie, via Bendigo, Vic]

  2. Gabriella

    Hi David you keep stating because of Bishop Parkes decision that the Anglican Church is in crisis.
    Crisis can be described as a time of intense difficulty or danger. From this definition I am left a little confused because I see no difficulty or danger blessing same sex marriage.
    I was wondering if you could tell me what crisis we are in because of the decision to bless same sex marriage.
    From research it is up to the priest themselves if they wish to bless the marriage and the couple who intend to wed must first be married in a civil ceremony.

    1. David Ould

      hi Gabriella.
      The crisis exists because Bishop Parkes has led his diocese into affirming something that the Scriptures proscribe. He has also done this despite the General Synod censuring a similar move by the Scottish Episcopal Church where it declared that the blessing of same-sex marriages was “contrary to the teaching of Christ and the doctrine of the church”. Further, he has acted contrary to a carefully worked agreement that the bishops came to not to act precipitously in this area.
      We are a federation of dioceses; what one does affects us all. If Wangaratta were totally independent they could do what they want. It would still be apostasy but it would not drag us there with them. But since we are meant to be bound together in fellowship or communion, an act like this tears at the very fabric of that communion.

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