Anglican Unscripted 36 – More on Gippsland

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Another Anglican Unscripted is out. I talk about the House of Bishops Protocol at 22:40.

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  1. Lucy McWhirter Browne

    What normally happens when clergy engage in homosexuality? Are they asked to leave or are they counselled? It is encouraging that the bishops are all in agreement now however I think that because John McIntyre was aware of this priest’s sexuality before appointing him this might mean that there is nothing he can do. I think that Rev Head should resign or be asked to leave however the fact that he was open about being gay prior to taking up the appointment may mean that he has legal employment rights. The Gippsland Anglican had no issues publishing a photo of this priest with his male partner.

  2. David Ould

    Well, ordinarily if someone does something contrary to Faithfulness in Service then a complaint can be made to the Professional Standards Unit. They will then have to decide what to do. It seems to me that a clergyman found to be in consistent breach of FiS would be asked to resign.

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