Richard’s Simple Theo-Survey
Who were/are the top 3 Christian thinkers (apart from Jesus or the apostles)? so many… Calvin, Athanasius, Augustine to name a few
Do you think that the objects of theology are fundamentally rational? yes
What is the proper relationship between theology and philosophy? philosophy is man’s attempt to make sense of the world. Theology, grounded in God’s self-revelation in scripture, is God telling the philosophers to shut up and listen to the truth.
What is the proper relationship between theology and science? Science is just another theology
What is the proper relationship between philosophy and science? ditto
God: One Substance and Three Persons or Three Hypostatic beings? homoousion, brother!!!!
Who sends the Holy Spirit? Does it matter? the Father and the Son, and yes – it’s vital
Does the host’s meaning come from Transubstantiation, Consubstantiation, Symbolism, or something else? something else.
Natural theology: Nay or Yay? Yay, in respect to Psalm 19, nay in respect to Rom 1
Do you hold to any certain eschatological stance? amillenial. I want to be Left Behind.
Human Will: Are you a libertarian, molinist, hard determinist, compatiblist, or something else? Lutheran – the Bondage of the Will and all that
Apologetics: Do you prefer classical, evidential, presuppositional, existential or something else? presupp
Mysticism: Does it (need to) play a role in a person’s spiritual life? nope, it’s a dead end
Governance: Episcopal, Presbyterian, Congregational, Libertarian or other? Episcopal by practice leaning to Presbyterian by conviction
Should there be a sharp distinction between clergy and laity? yes and no
Do you agree with common law marriage? no
Should Christians fight during a war? on occassion
Same Sex Marriage or Civil unions: right, wrong or “who cares”? wrong
What role do the Christian scriptures have in contemporary ethics? every role – they guide and inform
What is a proper Christian attitude towards a person who commits suicide? same as with everyone else, compassion
Who are the top 3 Christian artists of our time? hard to say. I listed to Smitty, Michael Card and Mercy Me
What is the most pressing issue that confronts Christianity at this time? the authority of scripture
Should there be such a thing as Christian Pop Culture? *is* there such a thing?
Can a Christian vote Liberal/Left Wing/Democrat or Conservative/Right Wing/Republican? yes
Should Christian’s work to ‘Christianise’ the morality of their nation via censorship laws? to some extent, yes
Can a Christian support the death penalty? yes
Where do you see the Western (North America/Europe) Christian church in fifty years? I think we’re going to come through the present mess a lot more convinced of the truth but having lost a lot of dead weight along the way
Where do you see the southern (South America/Africa/Asia) Christian church in fifty years? they’ll have dragged us along
Augustine, Aquinas, Pseudo Dionysus, Calvin, Luther, or Barth: Who would win in a bar fight Luther. Those monks do Shaolin in their spare time


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  1. prester_scott

    Science is just another theology

    Interesting way of looking at it, in the Psalm 19 sense.

    Trouble is, this could track us into pantheism/panentheism.

    1. David Ould

      brother, I think the safeguard against the pitfalls that you point to is the message that scripture tells us that Creation brings.

      So, in Psalm 19 (for example) we see not a general message but a powerful image of the Son, the bridegroom, going to meet His bride.

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