So, time for an update.
My beautiful wife and I (picture to follow) have had an offer on a flat accepted. If you want to see where that is then click here.

Now, if you click on the map and then scoot east along that big Holland Road then you come to the place where I work, Saint George’s Church. Nice place, nice people, lots of work to do.

Anyway, back to the story.

This isn’t the first flat that we offered money for, that was an event.
Before we tell you what happened a little background information. Lots of the flats in Singapore are HDB, meaning Housing Development Board. The government is the freeholder and they regulate the market. If you want to sell a flat you get an HDB valuation and then ask for a cash premium on top of that.
The flat that we originally offered on was S$520k + S$60k. Of course that was too much for us and so we asked if they were taking offers. They asked us to make a sincere offer and so we said S$30k cash.

The next day they call back and say, “No! We asked for 60k!!!”

What’s that all about???!!!

Anyway, obviously we weren’t meant to have it because later the same week we came across this beauty of a place and we’re all set to move in before Christmas.

Isn’t He good?


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