23 November 2013 – The Day of the Doctor #savetheday

You are currently viewing 23 November 2013 – The Day of the Doctor #savetheday

At this stage, you either care deeply or not at all. If the latter than this is not for you. If the former, then “SPOILERS” 🙂

First, the trailers…


then the mini-episode prequel “The Night of the Doctor”

less than 10 days till the War Doctor.

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  1. Phil Taylor (@youthpasta)

    Ok, so Timelord lore is being rewritten yet again?
    McGann is supposed to become Ecclestone, not Hurt, so I hope they have a very good explanation for this!

    1. David Ould

      thanks Phil. Very interesting indeed. I like the “Watcher” idea.

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