ArmsControlWonk are reporting that a North Korean ship bound for Iran encountered difficulties and had to stop in India. Quoting from a Washington Post story

MV Omrani-II developed a snag and entered Indian waters on October 29 and was towed to the Mumbai Port where the crew was being questioned by Indian intelligence and customs officials.
The crew has not been able to explain why they were sailing an empty vessel to Iran, a senior coast guard official told Reuters on condition of anonymity on Thursday.
However a senior official at the Directorate General of Shipping said: They have told us that because it is a new ship they were testing it. But it is strange that they should need to sail as far as Iran.

Strange indeed, but ArmsControlWonk have their theories:

  • They are testing how easily they would get caught
  • They want to mess with our heads
  • There are nuclear bombs hidden in the floorboards
  • Missiles dont work, bombs dont work, apparently nagivation is also bunk.
  • Did you ever see that Red October movie with Sean Connery and running away on the super submarine? Except I would have tried to defect to the French riviera or something.

Let me add my own theory to the mix:

  • It’s not the North Koreans who are shipping stuff to the Iranians. (When you buy stuff on eBay the buyer often collects…)

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