to the reader…

so, out of interest, who is actually reading this thing regularly?

I ask because I have this blog currently fed onto the home page of our website and I’m musing about using Blogger instead. It will allow me to host a blog on our website directly rather than using java script to pull the rss feed up but, of course, it will mean (to some extent) a break from the world of livejournal.

So, are you reading this?
If so, how? Livejournal, rss or off the website?
What are your general thoughts about the blog?
Would a change to Blogger affect you?



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29 comments on “to the reader…

      • Re: I’ve been reading.

        I find I read blogs less when they jump- I tend to skip feeds a lot of the time. Because I can’t distinguish between feeds when doing quick scans- where I look at icons and subject lines.

        • Re: I’ve been reading.

          I’m moving more and more to reading everything in an rss reader. That might be a way round for me but I’m assuming that there might actually be a person out there who really wants to read what I’m writing and will lose out.

          • Re: I’ve been reading.

            I find that I’ve lost out a bit on your brother’s blog- since I don’t feel much interaction on blogger, I find myself commenting (and thus reading) it less- simply because I forget it.

            • Re: I’ve been reading.

              He’s a good example of what I can see happening. I’m wondering if it’s possible to have Blogger simply pick up a feed off livejournal…


  1. I read from my LJ friends page… if it were changed to Blogger… I doubt I would ever think to go check for updates. I spend most of my time at my LJ friends page and in my email inbox.

  2. So, are you reading this?

    Of course not.

    If so, how? Livejournal, rss or off the website?


    What are your general thoughts about the blog?


    Would a change to Blogger affect you?

    I doubt I would read it any longer.

  3. i’m reading. and yes, livejournal’s comments feature is its strongest point. ease of use, not so much flexibility, but heck, all my friends are here!

    • I’d like to add that I enjoy your lj and the only reason I wouldn’t probably follow you if you jumped is that it would be inconvenient. I like what you have to say and I do read you — if I miss any posts, there aren’t many. I would miss your entries.

  4. Yes, LJ, evangelelicious, no and yes. Having my feet in both streams, I’m able to do both. I think both LJ and Blogger have great strengths, and I think both are great for different purposes…which is why I’m keeping both.


  5. I do read, from my LJ friends page. Generally I wouldn’t mind seeing more posts from you. A change to Blogger would affect me; it would mean I’d read your blog less often because it’s not hooked in to LJ, unless of course you create a syndicated account on LJ.

  6. Blogger


    As you know I switched to Blogger. I like it better because it suits my needs better for form. Your faithful audience is right though, its not a community sight, although you can set up a subscriber format as long as you have everyone’s e-mail.

    As you can see with us readers almost never post comments. What we right doesn’t solicit response though, we write to inform. And our readers are not bloggers, nor do they wish to be. So we are okay with the lack of posts and have a counter on the site to make sure we aren’t talking to ourselves. Not to mention the fact that people are always talking to us about it.

    But if opinions are requested; we wouldn’t mind the company. I find your site a little confusing, which is probably more my own ignorance than LiveJournal. I think you would find Blogger limiting in what you could do with it after seeing what you have done here. However, there would be other benefits. I also think this comes down to what you want your site to be about and what you want to do with it.

    My brother has the same issue and is considering the same move. I think you both have to consider this question: Is the LiveJournal Community your ministry target, or do they sharpen your sword of faith? Because you both are following the same path. If LiveJournal’s community is who you want to reach, than you are doing the work you have been chosen to do with the internet. If this is where you come everyday as part of your process of faith, then I would say its time for you to get out there and stop holding back. I then would also recommend Blogger because its not a closed community, and like us, you may start reaching the non-bloggers.

    Finally, you don’t have to abandon your audience. I still travel through xanga in search of opportunites, but I post on Blogger.

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