the quality of debate is slipping…

so, my first introduction to rampant ad homineming combined with a total lack of engagement with any argument put forward.

norwegian_wood complains that she’s not allowed to join even though she freely admits that she’s only there to tell them (in not so polite terms) how she disagrees with them.

So I (perhaps foolishly) decide to suggest that there may be a reason why she’s banned and this results.

Of particular note are the following:

1 the fact that I’ve been banned from posting in this journal!!
2 the way that any attempt to debate the fact in hand is ignored and claims continue to be made about me contrary to what I’ve said.

Enjoy yourselves. Let me know what you think.

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  1. detroitfather

    What I think is

    What I think is that turned out the way he did because he was not spanked enough as a child. Sorry if I’m stating the obvious.

  2. pould

    I was stunned by his deep and detailed exegesis.

    No wait, that can’t be right…

    1. prester_scott

      Let me tell you, *I* sure was swayed by his awesome deductive powers.

      1. pould

        I was more swayed then you were!! (Bloody Yank, always trying to be better than everybody else)

        1. prester_scott

          There’s no need to jump up and down on your patriotic soapbox. Let us examine the facts.

          The brilliant fellow’s nom de plume is “Norwegian Wood.” It stands to reason that either (a) he is Norwegian, or (b) he is a fan of The Beatles, the well-known Limey rock band.

          Therefore, either way, you are geographically closer to him than I am… which means you must have swayed less.

          I may not be as logical as he is, but I’ve learned a thing or two!

          1. pould

            Not so fast my speedy eisegete. Methinks you have forgotten one thing and that is the heavy Scandinavian immigration into your climes a century ago. That makes the percentage of Norwegians higher in your country then in mine.

            Furthermore the nom de plume is so obviously a reference to the famous Japanese novel of the same name, published in the English language (that’s the one that you guys nicked and then proceeded to use incorrectly – coloUr guys, coloUr OK?) in the USA. That makes you closer to the source of the name on both counts (geographic and linguistic).

            Or are you claiming that you don’t sway, that your stasis is such that you don’t have a swayable dimension to your being? Monophysite!!! Heretic!!!

            On all counts I declare you anathematized. I win (and I can call a Synod just to get it in writing).


            1. prester_scott

              Just a moment! There is no need for such condemnatory tones! Surely, in good Anglican manner, we can both agree that we should choose heresy over schism, unity over truth and in so doing find greater truth in unity than we could ever find by insisting on schismatic truths. As Sufi Rumi said, beyond England, Norway, Japan and the United States there is a field; I’ll see you there. We all have a place at our common table. We shall all sway together in a canonically correct geographic union. Yes! yes! National Geographic Unitarians with cannons! Midnight approacheth in the garden beyond good and evil! No matter which way you sway (hello sailor!), God is doing a new thing! Goo goo goo joob!!!

              1. pould

                Over my dead body…

                I see what you did there – You attempted to deny that there were two sides to the argument – you want to merge the truth and the lie into one smorgasbord of pluriformity. Two not got enough you? See how your Monophysicism just riddles your every breath… Anathematisation is just too good for you – What you need is a good long turn in Purgatory.

                *hears knock on door*

                “No wait Cranmer, I can explain – it was just a figure of speech…”

  3. unblinkable

    You did a great job, by the way. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. David Ould

      Re: how do I join?

      I think the instructions that you need are on the info page for that community.

  4. wrytrz_instnkz

    I think it’s always a shame, without exception, when debates turn into personal attacks. Sorry you had to go through that. But that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, eh?

  5. nyterhaven

    Greetings. I am not here to incite any ill-thinking, rather to clarify two things. First, the name is , there is an underscore in it, that is who alerted me to this particular post. Secondly, the aforementioned *norwegian_wood* is 100% WOMAN. I see that you keep referring to her as “he” and “him”. I’ve never read your journal, I have a skewed view of this community of which you speak, and like I said, I’m not here to start anything. Just wanted to clarify those things. YOu will most likley never see me again and I appologize for the tardiness of this reply seeing as to you posted this over a week ago. Peace, Tara

    1. David Ould

      thanks for the heads-up. I’ve amended the post accordingly.

      No apologies necessary for anything. Hopefully we will see you again ๐Ÿ™‚

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