The mudslinging begins…

No, not the run up to GenCon 2006 but a much more important event happening in June…

The World Cup

So, who’s slinging mud?

Well, as usual it’s the opening skirmishes in the ongoing football war waged between England and Germany.
Here’s the opening salvo:

Merkel snaps anger German press

Now, just so we’re all clear, what the Germans are still really upset about this:

Awesome England thrash Germany

Don’t let the fact that it was 5 years ago fool you. They still can’t get over it. Or, at least, we won’t stop reminding them in a hurry…


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10 comments on “The mudslinging begins…

        • Merkel!!

          It’s not the first time that “Angie” has taken offence to her image being protrayed in the Media. The best example was an ad Campaign here in Germany by Sixt which portrayed her hair per and post driving a cabrio. As you can imagine the picture afterwards of her hair all over the place was a scream and unfortunatly was removed from Billboards.

          checkout pictures 20 & 21.

          As for the world cup – bring it on I’ve got a couple of crates of beer riding on England getting further than Germany.


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