tell me…

what is it about coffee that makes you


you know


sit down in a small room a lot more?

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  1. wrytrz_instnkz

    Hehe…interesting question (and I can’t believe I’m actually contemplating this, j/k).

    I think it has something to do with what we usually are doing when we take coffee. Other than taste, many take coffee to stay awake *doink me*. And when a certain activity goes over one’s attention span, ie, studying, coffee is pretty much a requirement…and the small room for concentration (eh?).

    More simplistically, coffee is hot and, since it’s been cold these days, conserve the heat by staying in a small room (or something of that sort).

    Happy quest (good grief j/k).

    1. David Ould

      I’m not sure you’ve understood the small room to which I refer.
      The smallest room in the house.

      comprendez? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. wrytrz_instnkz

        Oh…hehe (mildly embarassed), hence the italics. still, it made for an interesting question (cuz coffee houses tend encourage small spaces).

        Hehe. Well, isn’t if a fact that caffeine makes ppl “go”?

          1. wrytrz_instnkz

            I could pull something out of my arse, but I opt to only be embarassed once tonight (hehehe).
            You got me thinking though. I’ll give the heads up if I find out anything ^_^

  2. timv

    Hey!! I know what you mean!

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