Reformation Day 2013

Yup, 31 October is Reformation Day As well as the above, this is not quite so helpful but there you go… Finally, I thoroughly recommend Mike Reeve’s The Unquenchable Flame. Stunning book with some excellent associated online resources.

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Reformation Day – 2 Gems from Luther

Yes, it’s Reformation Day and so here’s some Luther. First, the famous speech at the Diet of Worms. Some of this is, perhaps, a little embellished but the guts of it is certainly true. And Joseph Fiennes’ portrayal of Luther is just brilliant. Next, my favourite Luther quote ever – for what I hope are obvious reasons! […]

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The Implications of Reformation Day – Radio Interview

This morning I recorded a short interview for the Australian Christian Lobby‘s Political Spot – a daily interview that’s syndicated on a number of Australian Christian radio stations – on the subject of Reformation Day and it’s impact. Here’s the audio… ack, I mis-stated one thing! In the discussion on James I say “Justification by Faith” […]


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