Focus on the Family Australia – Domestic Violence and the Church

Back in July I recorded an interview with Focus on the Family Australia radio on the topic of domestic violence and the church. The interview looked at the work of our charity Break the Cycle, Glenquarie and also included Zoe Broomhead of the Croydon Hills Counselling Centre. The programme will go up live later in August. Podcast: […]


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“in the same way” – a hard question for us all

This blog post should be read in conjunction with “some closing thoughts” edit (7 March 2015): Thank you for the many helpful comments over the past few days. I’m particularly grateful for the sustained and direct engagement in the comments on my handling of “in the same way”, particularly with working out what the referent […]

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When is it NOT a “Christian Voice”?

Answer: When it's simply legalism. The Daily Mail (not that we want to hold them up as the bastion of consistently objective, unsensational reporting) has a stunning article today on a truth that many in UK evangelicalism have known for a while, Stephen Green [wiki] of “Christian Voice” is a bit of a nasty man. […]

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