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hurrah for The Bible Society of New South Wales!!! They have given every first year student of Moore College not only a Greek New Testament but also, today, a Hebrew Old Testament!!!

And all this for free!!!! Because, of course, they are convinced that having the scriptures in the original language will be far better for us.

And they’re not wrong.

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  1. pould

    What kind of NT and OT? Critical editions or just rehashed Textus Receptus and Masoretic Text?

    1. David Ould

      The Hebrew is the Snaith Bible.
      The Greek is the UBS 4th edition

  2. golodhgwath

    Hey, that’s great!

    I have one of those Nestle-Aland thingies, with NRSV English in it. Oh, I wish it were RSV, and an older Greek text…

    You know what I want, but can’t seem to find, is a decent copy of the whole Septuagint. I keep finding these big clunky multi-volume things that cost approximately $428,974.08.

    Man, now free stuff… that’s the way to do it.

    – Joseph

    1. jjostm

      This is the copy of the LXX that I have, which has a more elegant English translation of the Greek…and it’s not too expensive (~30 bucks). It’s not free, but not too wallet-busting. Of course, if you already have this translation, I apologise…

      But, you are correct: free stuff R0X0R5.


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