My piece responding to the recent media statements and interviews in favour of same-sex marriage by Bishop of Wangaratta John Parkes is up on the ABC Religion and Ethics website. Here’s a sample,

He is, of course, not the first to make the argument in one form or another, and none of his arguments are new so they serve as good example of this tendency of the theologically liberal wing of the church – and, not least, the Anglican Church of Australia – to keep pushing contrived arguments that are less likely to make the grade than that famous strained gnat of which Jesus spoke.

Bishops are meant to be a focus of unity, taking their part in promoting the wonderful unchanging news about Jesus Christ and the total forgiveness he brings to all who trust in his death and resurrection. Instead, Parkes’s actions distract us from this central proclamation of the church, and undermine its essential unity in the gospel.

You can read it all here.

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