online storage

I want to store some large files online (10meg+) so that others can access
anyone got some suggestions for free storage?


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    1. David Ould

      does that allow others access to my files?

      1. yechezkiel

        oh, no. not unless you give them the password.

        1. David Ould

          yeah, I neglected to mention that.
          Post is now edited.

  1. Anonymous

    DynDNS or Webspace

    Hi David,
    option 1: you could run a server from home (or an old desktop would do) that is constantly online and then ‘open’ it up to the world via

    Option 2: if you haven’t got your own homepage already, you could register one (i recommend – only ยฃ 0.99 per month for 300 MB storage) and then just add links in a homepage for download.

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