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So, the Australian cricket team has decided not to play against Zimbabwe.

Now, why is this? Is it because, finally, they’ve recognised that they really shouldn’t be playing and thereby validating Mugabe’s despotic regime? Have they finally developed a conscience?

No, they’re not playing because Zimbabwe will be fielding a second-string team and the ICC won’t assign the match Test Match status.

Why are Zimbabwe fielding a second-string team? Because the first team won’t play.

Why won’t the first team play? Because Mugabe’s policies of discimination have extended even to the cricket team.

Ironic? You betcha.

Now, perhaps England will learn from this…..

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  1. Anonymous

    Values & Priories

    … No chance of England learning from this. So long as the buck keeps being passed between the ECB & the British Gov. then it is unlikely that a decision will be made. The ECB should stand up to the ICC and say straight out that they won’t play in Zim in the Autumn. However this won’t happen until the ECB develops a proper backbone or we beat the Aussies.

    Great to see the new pics of the little one.

    Bro’ Martin

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