Living with the Enemy Promo

So here’s the first promo vid for Living with the Enemy, which I took part in filming in January this year.

Couple of things to note:

  1. SBS commissioned the series from Shine Australia but produced their own trailers – so the trailers may not reflect the balance and sentiment of the show itself.
  2. Yes, that’s an audio clip of me reading from Lev. 18:22. It’s something that got mentioned very littleΒ in the whole 10 days of filming, but I guess SBS want to provoke more viewers.

Still, I really like the concept of the video and if the series prevents us painting anybody in a certain way, without first properly understanding them, then it will have served at least one good purpose. I’m hopeful it will actually be a really useful contribution to debate on a wide range of issues. There was certainly enough care, attention and commitment put into it by the producers to merit it.

You should be seeing this trailer right now on SBS.


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