letter to the guy tailgating me at 120kph this lunchtime

Dear idiot who drove RIGHT behind me on the Newcastle-Sydney freeway today.

The P-plate with a big green P on it that’s on your car stands for provisional license. It does not stand for

Porsche – because your crappy dark green and very old mazda wasn’t one. I should know, I got to look at it from a very close range.

Potential child-killer – although it should because it probably didn’t occur to you that, had I needed to break suddenly, the first organic thing you would have hit would have been my 21 month old daughter. But don’t let that worry you, whatever you were hurrying for was probably more important than that.

P*nis enhancement – because (and trust me on this one) there is nothing attractive to anyone about some guy driving like a complete arse. Come to think of it, perhaps you should have an A-plate instead.

No, provisional means that you don’t yet have a full license. And, if I had anything to do about it you would never, ever get one. Because you drive like a complete moron and should be locked up.

and relax…….

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